vCASH At-a-Glance

Better Check Cashing. More Competitive Edge.

Greater Success.

Create new revenue opportunities

New ways to increase customer traffic and increase cash flow.

Enhanced and Flexible User Controls

Elevate your current money center environment above current legacy applications on the market today.

Advanced Risk Mitigation Tools

Provide better control over cashier approvals, funds, makers and bank verifications.

Seamless Hardware Integration

Connect with all cash dispensers, ID readers, check scanners, cash drawers, receipt printers, and webcams.

Cloud-based database

Real-time access for easy and quick guest and maker search and history across all your locations. Secure data storage.

Advanced Reporting & Auditing

Intuitive reports on cash flow, balances, transaction activity, fees, returns, blocks and more. Realtime view of system data in areas of checks, transactions, cash position, balance, dispenser, cash drawer and more.

 vCASH Navigational Features


Perform simultaneous and seamless checkout of all check cashing transaction types using guest checkout and cart summary. Transaction types offered are: Check Cashing, Money Order, Wire Transfer, ATM Withdrawal and Prepaid Card
Report Features: default and advanced reports on areas related to activity, balancing and blocks (i.e. blocked guests and blocked makers). All reports or exportable to Excel and can be saved and printed. Default reports include: Cashed Check List, Transaction Activity, Drop Box List, Daily Balance Report, Daily Close, End of Day
Transfer Features: vCASH offers two types of Transfers: (1.) Courier Transfer: allows the removal and replacement of the cassettes in the safe by armored car services so the cashier never touches the money. vCash allows the cashier to make sure the money balances during this service. (2.) Dispenser to Cash Drawer Transfer: tells the safe to dispense a certain bill value. The cashier takes the bills to the store manager in exchange for equal value in coins, which is put back in the cash drawer.
Maintenance Features: vCASH provides basic and manager functions under the maintenance tab. Create a new Guest, perform guest lookup, and perform maker search in this section.
The Audit feature provides real-time verification of system data only available to Manager and Admin user roles. Real-time verification can be seen in these areas: Checks, Transactions, Transaction Detail, Cash Drawer, Drawer Counts, Dispenser, Cash Dispenser, Cash Position, Balance
Transaction List: Here is where your simultaneous transaction items will reside for easy viewing.
Guest Image Look-up and Verification
Guest ID Verification

 vCASH Risk Mitigation Features


Call Maker – cashier must get approval of the check maker before they can move forward with transaction.
Call Bank – Cashier must get approval from the check’s bank before they can move forward with transaction.
Call Corporate – Cashier must get corporate office approval to authorize transaction.
Supervisor Approval: Cashier must get their immediate supervisor approval to authorize transaction.