PRESS RELEASE: New Check Cashing Software Announced at 2016 PROFISCA Conference

By October 20, 2016Press Releases

Want a new check cashing software? Grow your profits and become an MSB today while controlling your losses like never before with vCASH. 

MEMPHIS, TENN. – October 20, 2016 – First Touch Payment Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of their new check cashing software for new, current and future MSBs called vCASH at the annual PROFISCA Conference in Washington D.C.

vCASH or “Virtual Currency Application Software Hub” is a state of the art check cashing software application that allows any business that wants to grow their profits and offer check cashing services to their customers while controlling their risk. An estimated 480 FISCA and non-FISCA members were in attendance at the conference to see the premiere of the V-CASH solution, the animated marketing video and see how this solution is truly a difference maker for MSBs.

“vCASH allows any business who wants to control their risk while growing revenue the ability to do so whether it is check cashing, sending money orders, wire transfers, or even cashing to a prepaid card like Netspend,” says David Garavelli, Chief Operating Officer for First Touch Payment Solutions. “It takes a business around 90 seconds for one customer to get their check cashed and make a profit.”

vCASH does all of that while taking the decision making away from the unauthorized cashiers and putting it in control of the right user roles and administrators and whether its verifying the check maker, the bank or the transaction amount vCASH’s risk mitigation feature is what truly turned heads at FISCA.

“FISCA was a great opportunity to showcase all the features of vCASH. We partnered with a 75 location convenient store chain earlier this year who attended FISCA the previous year looking for this kind of solution but couldn’t find one that met their needs. We partnered with them and built V-Cash in 3 months to spec,” says Mark Reasons, Executive Vice President of Client Services, First Touch Payment Solutions.

vCASH is available right now and you can learn more about this solution here. Download one of our brochures or reach out to one of our experts to discuss this amazing new solution.